Building 'Tiny Houses' to Better Themselves and the Community

Get an in depth look at what one of The Breakout Project Teams, Focus Forward for Indigenous Youth, is all about and what they have planned for the future. 

'We felt a real love for humankind'

After 48 hours, a concert in Springer Market Square, and people tuning in from 61 different countries to donate their time and money, even the CEO of the company could not have accounted

The Breakout Project: "Kickstarter Live"

This week, 6 months of planning will culminate in a first-ever event of its kind in Kingston, Ontario. 

Ontario Morning

Ontario Morning Podcast (11:25 / 38:08) - Tuesday December 6, 2016

Innovate Kingston

The City of Kingston Council has approved the provision of a historic building in the Village of Portsmouth neighbourhood for use as an incubator at no charge for five years.