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Kingston Youth Launch Summer Businesses, Innovate Kingston to Support

Youth participants of the Summer Company Program celebrated the launch of their summer ventures at Innovate Kingston this past week. Youth were congratulated by Mayor Brian Patterson, as they launch into an exciting, and new territory.  The Summer Company Program, part of Kingston Economic Development, accepts new youth yearly into this accelerator program.

This year, there are a diversity of businesses, with a heavier emphasis on the Internet Communications Technology (ICT) sector, an area that Innovate Kingston supports through membership-based tech-community. Innovate Kingston has invited these young people to Town Hall this summer, as they grow their businesses, they can make use of the free Town Hall co-working space, Slack channels, and networking events to boost their efforts.

Riley Hewitt, Summer Company Program Coordinator says, “Kingston is really about who you know and all the connections you can make, a lot of them come in thinking the grant will be the most helpful. Really, it’s the advice and the exposure.” A model that Innovate Kingston’s tech-ecosystem, and members would agree with.

To learn more about this program, and the new businesses launching this summer by Kingston youth, see link below.