623 King Street West, Kingston, ON, K7M 2E7


Founded in 2015 by seven independent entrepreneurs, Innovate Kingston is a not-for-profit organization aimed at building a community-wide ecosystem that supports startups in the tech sector. We work with like-minded partners, organizations and individuals to foster relationships that will empower high-growth startups to achieve success in Kingston and beyond.


We have three principles that help guide us on our mission:

  1. Champion: To maximize the development of an innovation community that attracts and retains talent to live and work in Kingston.
  2. Connect: To foster relationships that lead to innovative collaborations and partnerships to benefit our community and region.
  3. Inspire: To offer regular events that encourages participation, conversation and action.

Core Values

Our six core values make up our DNA, shape our behaviours, guide our decisions and our relationships. They’re the driving force that allow us to achieve greatness together.

1. Think EPIC!

We don’t do good enough. We don’t do good, for Kingston. We only do EPIC!

2. Bring Joy

We are positive people making positive change. We don’t nay say or let hiccups slow us down. We bring energy and excitement to every interaction.

3. We Are One

We thrive on communication. We may not always agree, but we believe in the power of a unified community and act as one.

4. Preach It

We are proud and believe in our cause. As such, we take every opportunity to tell the world. At community meetings, on the road, in the press, and with our friends, we know it’s our job to inform.

5. Whatever It Takes

Everything we take on we finish. We don’t just get it done, we get it done with vigour and passion.

6. Pay It Forward

It is our responsibility to build the foundation that will allow the Kingston tech community to thrive. We believe in paying forward, not taking back.