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The Kingston community is the beating heart of our vibrant ecosystem. We are entrepreneurs, creators, thinkers, doers, and dreamers. No business thrives by itself! It takes a community effort to reach the entire world, and that’s what we’re doing in Kingston. Everyone, including you, whether you are in Kingston or not, has something to offer!

And we’ve proven this: With the help of our community and our members we’ve created a world’s-first event, The Breakout Project. With The Breakout Project our community is showcasing our city as an emerging innovation hub to an international audience, it is simply put “Kickstarter Live”. With its unique format of team competitions, a reality-TV-style  format, online streaming, talent sourcing tools and audience interaction, we want to shine a spotlight on our region, drive business, tourism and investment now and into the future.

By being part of the community you get to be part of events like The Breakout Project, learn about our members and support fantastic initiatives that will change the world.


Members form the backbone of our community. By providing financial commitment, mentorship, and guidance to the Board, members help us to achieve our goals of taking Kingston to the world and to bring the world to Kingston. As a member you get access to special members only directories, members only communication channels and the ability to participate and use the community areas of our spaces including The Town Hall. Become a member now, whether as a business or as an individual.

Everyone & Anyone

Participate in events, sign-up to our email newsletter, be part of the greater Kingston community. With you we will reach the world and for you, being part of our select community will mean early and special access to events and more.

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